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The Superhero of Storage

In a world with an abundance of data and more Internet of Things devices connecting daily, we must adapt and figure out how to store, analyze and process the massive amount of data without causing bottlenecks and slow-downs. By 2025, it is expected that 175 zettabytes of data will be generated. There are currently more than five billion consumers interacting with data daily and by 2025 that number is expected to jump an additional billion.

Scott Shadley

Thursday, September 19 2019

Computational Storage Takes AI By Storm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is meant to make life better and simplify the world but, without Computational Storage, it can actually be like adding new rooms and walls with an architecture that is never-ending. You might find yourself in a maze similar to the Winchester Mystery House that didn’t have any master building plan as evident by the doors that lead to nowhere and stairs that end at a solid wall. Had the blueprint considered options like Computational Storage then it would help simplify the floor plan and piece together the house with purpose and direction by making it simple, smarter and more efficient.

Scott Shadley

Wednesday, September 11 2019

Event Season in Full Bloom: HPC & AI On Wall Street

Fall is our favorite season! Why? Because it’s peak event season! NGD Systems will be attending HPC & AI On Wall Street next week, where thought leaders, users, and solution providers meet to share lessons learned and discuss the latest technology innovations. With the convergence of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), businesses must stay ahead of the rapidly evolving fintech solutions required that transcend questions of scale.

Scott Shadley

Tuesday, September 3 2019

Flash Memory Summit 2019: The Year of Computational Storage

Earlier this I attended my 12th Flash Memory Summit (FMS) where I had the opportunity to mingle with the best and brightest minds in the storage industry, many of who I already know well , as well as share with influencers our newest products and initiatives. For instance, a few weeks ago, Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) revealed the official definitions and categories of Computational Storage. I find great pleasure that I was able to help spearhead this effort as the Co-Chair of the SNIA Computational Storage Technical Working Group (CS TWG) and share in this pivotal industry event.

Scott Shadley

Wednesday, August 21 2019

Computational Storage: What It Is and Why You Need It

As the data Tsunami continues at a rapid pace, IT architectures must evolve and that is where Computational Storage comes in. Computational Storage provides an innovative solution to today’s architecture, in which compute moves closer to where data is generated, rather than the data being moved up to compute. This is why computational storage is ideal for any organization deploying edge computing as its new model; it makes it possible to process data right where it’s created and needed, speeding up the time to analyze petabytes of data.

Scott Shadley

Wednesday, August 14 2019

NGD Systems is Heading to Flash Memory Summit 2019!

It’s that time of year again – Flash Memory Summit! As you may know, FMS is a great opportunity for companies, influencers and media working in the storage industry to network. This will be NGD System’s 6 years in a row at the summit and of all the years we have attended, I will say this year is truly going to be among the most interesting for NGD Systems, our partners and especially our customers. Not only are we able to announce some exceptional news from our company but SNIA will announce that we (the Working group I help co-chair) has finalized formal categories and definitions for the Computational Storage industry.

Scott Shadley

Tuesday, August 6 2019

Survey Reveals Challenges Enterprises Face in Supporting Growing Edge Workloads

By 2025, IDC predicts organizations will churn out 175 zetta-bytes of data. However, our recent survey of more than 300 storage professionals, found that bottlenecks and compute problems continue to plague IT pros as they struggle to support their growing edge workloads. In the study conducted by Dimensional Research, barely one in 10 respondents gave themselves an “A” grade for their compute and storage capabilities.

Monday, July 29 2019

Tech Trend #9- Digital Ethics and Privacy

We wrap up our series on corporate data management and digital transformation tech trends with digital ethics and privacy. Increasingly, these issues are at the forefront of consumer use concerns. People are starting to notice how their data is being used, particularly in relation to advertising.

Scott Shadley

Tuesday, July 23 2019

Tech Trend #8- VR, AR, MR- Storage, Real-Time Analytics, and Speed Needs

Immersive Experiences in Smart Spaces (VR, AR, MR) is #8 in our series on corporate data management and digital transformation tech trends.

Scott Shadley

Tuesday, July 9 2019

Tech Trend #7- Enhanced Edge Computing- NGD is Ahead of the Trend

Edge computing pushes applications, data, and computing power away from centralized points to locations closer to the user to allow real-time data analytics. It is more efficient and practical- and a big step back from cloud computing.

Scott Shadley

Tuesday, July 2 2019

Tech Trend #6- Digital Twins

A digital twin is a real-time digital replica of a physical object. Data twins integrate the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software analytics with spatial network graphs to create living digital simulation models that continually learn and update to represent real-time status.

Scott Shadley

Thursday, June 27 2019

Tech Trend #5- Augmented Analytics- Horse and Buggy Stage but Prospects for Automation Look Good

Tech trend #5 in our series on corporate data management and digital transformation, is augmented analytics

Scott Shadley

Tuesday, June 25 2019

Blockchains is Tech Trend #4- In the Market for a Used Airplane Part?

Blockchains is #4 on our list of tech trends that are at the forefront of corporate data management and digital transformation. A blockchain is a “time-stamped series of immutable record of data that is managed by cluster of computers not owned by a single entity.” Each block of data is secured using cryptographic principles. Originally designed as online currency, this technology has applications for prediction markets, file storage, and supply chain auditing.

Scott Shadley

Thursday, June 20 2019

Tech Trend #3 Autonomous Devices: Agriculture Needs Techies

Tech trends of 2019 all point to data management and digital transformation as hot topics. Autonomous Devices is #3 on the list and refer to devices that are aware of their surroundings and make decisions based on the data environment. This is real-time data analytics in action! From self-driving cars to smart thermostats, and advanced robotics to customized farming practices.

Scott Shadley

Tuesday, June 18 2019