What is Computational Storage and Why Should You Care?

Most applications respond to users' requests to sift through a mountain of data to find a smaller subset of that data, which the application processes to give the users an answer to their request. The result is a lot of data is transferred from the storage media to the storage system and then from the storage system to the application, most of which is irrelevant to the user’s request.

#117 – Introduction to Computational Storage with NGD Systems

This week’s episode is the final recording from Flash Memory Summit 2019. Chris is joined by the team from NGD Systems for a discussion on Computational Storage. On this podcast are Scott Shadley, VP of Marketing, Nader Salessi, CEO and Ashok Savdharia who has the lovely title of “technologist”.

NGD Systems and Arm Provide HPC with Computational Storage

This video from the recent SC19 event in Denver is a quick and concise overview of how the close collaboration of Arm and NGD Systems is bringing new storage intelligence to the HPC and Supercomputing markets.

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