At NGD Systems we have created a platform that offers the ability to have maximum capacity per NVMe SSD while still ensuring customers can achieve their performance goals. We accomplished this task by also making every drive available with Computational Storage Services (CSS).

Below you can choose which version of our product is of most interest and while you are here. Check out of White Paper on the Topic as well.

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High Capacity Storage


NGD Systems high capacity NVMes SSDs are powered by a revolutionary 14nm ASIC-based controller that provides many benefits.

This advanced design as patentened LDPC error correction and innovative firmware to drive solutions to 64TB today for the growing data tsunami.

In addition to providing the maximum capacity NVMe SSDs on the market, the power and performance optimization in these storage solutions provides new ways to achieve scale and density goals with no impact to current architectures.

NVMe Computational Storage


While providing capacity is an important step in the evolution of storage needs, the ability to more with that data locally is now vital.

NGD Systems NVMe Computional Storage Drive (CSD) provide the ability to compute on data within the storage device through our patented In-Situ Processing technology.

The combnation of off the shelf high capacity NVMe with Computational Storage sets our solutions apart and provide the ultimate flexibility for current and future storage architectures.